Monday, March 7, 2016

Once Upon a Moonlit Night... - Chapter 7: This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

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 Talie made her way inside and sneaks into her bedroom. Her Dad knew she was staying out, but she still didn't want to wake him, he had to work tomorrow. She kept texting Andi about the date. Andi seemed to be responding positively, though some of the sentences she was sending could be interpreted differently. Even so, Andi told Talie about the dance coming up.

"Dance?" texted back Talie.

"Yeah. The school just sent out an email about it today." replied Andi.

"I never got an email." typed Talie.

"You're so new, you might not be on the mailing list yet." Andi responded.

"Why didn't Loony tell me about it?" replied Talie.

There was a long, long pause before Andi responded back.

"Oh, you know Loony. It probably slipped her mind while she was drinking some Blue Moon." Andi texted back. There was a smiley emoticon.

"Well... I think I'll ask her, then. See what happens." replied Talie.

There was another long, long pause.

"Sounds great." texted Andi. "I mean, it's not like I was going to ask you, or anything. Go with Loony."

"Wait" Talie texted back. "You were going to ask me to the dance?"

"That's not important." replied Andi. "I'm sure you and Loony will have a great time together. Must run. Sleep well tonight."

"You too. Sorry." responded Talie. She was now awash with mixed emotions. She just had the best date of her life with the best girl she had ever met, but the closest thing she has to a friend in MN wanted to take her to the school dance. Deciding that emotions are weird and things are confusing, Talie just plugged in her phone and crawled into bed. What should've been a night of sweet dreams of kissing Loony became a chaotic emotional roller coaster.

The sky was clear and the Moon was full. There was a clearing in the woods near the lake. Talie was tied up to a stake and had unlit firewood at her feet. In the clearing were two wolves: one red and one white, fighting each other viciously and drawing blood. Talie looks around and sees Andi hiding behind one of the trees, as if hesitating to come out and help. The two wolves had finished fighting: the red wolf lay on the ground, bleeding out. The wolf slowly turned back into a human. Loony's naked body lay on the ground, scratched and gutted. The white wolf made it's way over to Talie tied at the stake. That wolf turned into a human as well. Chris, naked, stood there. He grabbed a packet of matches from behind the stake, lit one on file, and dropped it on the firewood. It began to take ablaze. Chris smiled.

"I do love the taste of the fresh meat." he said.

Talie couldn't feel any pain, but struggled as she tried to free herself from the ropes. As the flames began to engulf her, she saw Loony struggle to get to her feet, and then tackled Chris with all of her might.

Talie awoke in her bed with a sweat. She could feel herself sticking to the bed she was resting on. There was a buzz from her phone. Talie got up to check. Loony was texting her.

"I had a lot of fun last night." the message read.

"I did too. So, Andi told me about this dance..." replied Talie.

"I don't do dances." replied Loony.

"Do this dance with me?" Talie texted back.

There was a long, long pause.

"I will make an exception for you, my Tail. I would love for you to take me to the dance." replied Loony.

"Great! Awesome!" texted back Talie.

"We'll figure out the details in the coming weeks. I look forward to taking you dress shopping." texted Loony.

"Can we bring Andi with us? Dress shopping, I mean." replied Talie.

"Of course. The more the merrier, I love that little dweeb." texted Loony.

"It'll be great." replied Talie.

"Until Tuesday, my Tail." replied Loony. She also sent a heart emoticon.

Talie was once again awash with mixed emotions.

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