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Once Upon a Moonlit Night... - Chapter 4: Ten Minutes Ago

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Ten minutes ago. That was when Talie's life had change its course. This morning, she was wondering what the hell she was doing in Minnesota, but now... now she had gone loony for Loony. Which class was she in? Who cares? She'd being Loony again at lunch and she could not wait. Loony's Tail, she thought. Probably the weirdest nickname she had every received, but when Loony spoke it, it just made sense. There was no explanation for what Talie was feeling... a deep want, no, a deep need to be in Loony's presence and to do whatever she could to make her happy. No matter the deed. No matter the cost.

Talie spent the morning in a haze of Loon-acy as she followed Andi from class to class. Andi kept talking about her favorite video games and complimenting Talie on her wardrobe choices, but Talie was too distracted to notice. Finally, it was lunch time. Talie would get to see Loony again. After Andi heated up her instant ramen and Talie got her sandwich, they went to the lunch table. Loony was sitting there with a bunch of other people of various genders and identities. There was a mix of nerd and goth clothing, directly contrasting the bright white snow falling outside the window.

"I'll introduce you!" said Andi, way more excited about this than she should be. "That's Ray, you saw him in chemistry this morning. That's Nat, she has the same name as you...."

"I can go by Talie, she can go by Nat, identification problem solved." Talie said.

"Great!" said Andi. "The twins are John and Wayne, they like cartoons and stuff. Then there's Annie, she's obsessed with weddings and the 1950's, then Prim, they super like plants, and Zahir, our token minority..."

"Go to fuck, Andi." said Zahir.

"...and then finally we have Rema and Drew, our chess champions, and of course you met Loony this morning." said Andi.

"Andi, that wasn't a cool thing to say." said Ray. "I know you were trying to be funny, but that was bullshit."

"Thanks Ray." said Zahir.

"We're some of the few non white dickbags in this school, we got to stick together." said Ray.

"I resent that." said Nat.

"You're not a white dickbag though, Nat. You're a white pussy pouch." said Zahir.

"Nice." said Ray. He and Zahir fist pump. Nat huffed and puffed her frustration.

"Sorry Zahir." said Andi. "What I said was bullshit and I didn't mean to hurt you. I promise to be better in the future."

"Thanks Andi." said Zahir. "I don't forgive you, but once I kick your ass in Smash Bros, we'll be even."

"Oh, then I won't be forgiven for a good long time..." said Andi. "Hey, Talie, come sit by me." Andi grabbed Talie's shirt and sat her down on the end of the table. As soon as Talie sat down, she looked up and saw Loony staring back at her. Loony's eyes were hypnotic and Talie couldn't stare away.

"Hello, my Tail." said Loony. She took a big bite of her beef jerky. "How's your day been?"

"Okay..." stammered Talie. "I've been kinda distracted all day..."

"Distracted by what?" said Loony with a smile.

"Uhhh...." Talie stammered.

"Again with the cute stuttering, my Tail. It's making it hard for me to resist you." Loony flirted.

"And yet you seem to have no problem with me..." screamed a voice from behind Talie. Talie turned around to see a tall, buff boy with white hair and sparkling blue eyes. He had scratches all across his biceps.

"Fuck off, Cinderella. Your shoe is another set of stairs." said Loony.

"The name is Chris, Loony. You of all people should know all about me and my names." said Chris.

"Hey Chris, Loony is done with you." said Rema.

"Yeah, go fuck yourself. Loony turned you down and doesn't want you back." said Drew.

"Checkmate, losers. I can talk to Loony if I want to. Free country." said Chris.

"Chris, there are people who do want to talk to you. Why bother somone who doesn't want to?" said John.

"He lost his pack, remember?" said Wayne. "It was when..."


"Don't refer to my Tail as fresh meat. Go make your own lone wolf pack and fucking leave. I don't want you and what happened with your pack is not my fault!" screamed Loony.

"Chris, just go. Please." pleaded Andi as she grabbed on to Talie's shoulders. "I don't want anyone to get hurt."

"This is not the end, bitch. Mark my fucking words." said Chris. And with that, he left the cafeteria.

"Sorry about him." said Loony. "He's a bit bitter since I dumped him."

"You... you were flirting with me?" asked Talie.

"You didn't pick up on it until now?' retorted Loony. Andi froze. She took her hands off of Talie's shoulders and her face turned red.

"No one's ever flirted with me before." said Talie. "It's... not something I'm accustomed to."

"Have you been on a date?" asked Loony.

"No." said Talie quietly.

"Well, I understand this is all sudden, being your first day at school and all, but I am free this Saturday evening. Want to go somewhere?" asked Loony.

"Sure." said Talie. This is the most excited she had ever been.

"It's settled then. Give me your phone, I'll type in my number." said Loony. After the number had been entered, Loony had Talie text her the address to the cabin she was staying in with her Dad so Loony could pick her up.

"Glorious. See you soon, my Tail." said Loony. The bell rang. Lunch was over. Talie continued to follow Andi throughout the day. Andi became much less talkative, only speaking when Talie spoke to her, and even then, in very short sentences. While Talie noticed the change, it didn't concern her. Her only concern was that Saturday night wasn't here fast enough.

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