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Once Upon a Moonlit Night... - Chapter 3: Who Is That Girl?

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The classroom walls were a perfect sheen of white, matching the snow outside. The floor was a gray tile that appeared to be stained with the tears of stressed out students. The class was filled with kids who were either working on homework or sleeping. The teacher was reading a magazine and sipping coffee. Andi walked over to the teacher.

"Excuse me, Mr. Pottersmithson?" asked Andi. The teacher looked up from his magazine.

"Yes, how can I help you, Andi?" he replied.

"This is Talie, the new girl?" she said, pointing to me. "Is there a desk for her?"

"Ah yes, Natalie." he says.

"It's Talie." Talie retorted. Mr. Pottersmithson put down his magazine and coffee.

"My apologies. I'm not great at names, but I will learn. Talie, I believe we have a desk in the back, next to Luniria Regulus in the back." said Mr. Pottersmithson.

"Oh great!" replied Andi. She looked over to me. "Loony is one of my good friends. We have lunch together every day. This will be great!" Talie didn't respond.

"You have the same schedule as Andi, right?" asked Mr. Pottersmithson. Talie nodded. "Cool. You'll have homeroom with me every morning. Honestly, as long as you aren't doing anything illegal, messing with me reading my -Zines, or being noisy, I don't care what you do in homeroom. Just stay at your desk until it's time to leave for your next class. You can do homework, sleep, doodle, listen to music, combination of the four, whatever. Everybody needs a chance to wake up and prepare for the day. Now go take your seat and welcome to Shiz."

Talie took her backpack, walked passed the isles of students, and took her seat next to Loony. After refiling through her backpack, she looked over at Loony with the intention to introduce herself, and froze in awe. She had never seen anyone look so gorgeous. Loony looked back at her and smiled.

"Oh, are you the new kid?" Loony said, with a voice as smooth as marble, yet as rough as sandpaper.

"Yeah. I'm Talie." replied Talie, now seemingly unsure of her own identity.

"My name is Lunira Remoonus Regulus, but you can call me Loony. Everyone does." Loony replied. Loony had bright red hair that flowed down to her shoulders, like a lion's mane crossed with a fiery waterfall. Her eyes were a dark shade of brown, like tree bark in the forest. Her clothes a beautiful skin tight black; with torn jeans, and leather jacket with a fur trim. Her tank top had paw-prints on it and her beautiful, black boots were covered in dirt and salt from the melted snow. When she smiled, her blood red liptick perfectly framed her pearl, sharp teeth. It looked as if she were going to devour Talie, but Talie wouldn't have it any other way.

"Okay." said Talie.

"Don't worry too much about this school, okay?" said Loony. "The principal always makes a BIG DEAL about how she has high expectations for her students, but the work isn't that hard and most of the teachers are pretty chill. Just communicate with them if you're going to have issues getting an assignment in and they'll work with you. This is not a great school, but it's lightyears ahead of all of my previous schools. Are you shadowing Andi?"

"Yes." said Talie.

"That adorable little dork. I love her." said Loony. "She's in a few of my classes and she and I have lunch with all our mutual friends. She'll show your around and I'll introduce you to the pack."

"Cool." said Talie.

"Do you ever respond with more than just a few syllables?" asked Loony.

"Uhhh... " Talie eeked out, finally at a loss for words.

"You're cute when you stutter." replied Loony. Talie felt a shiver go down her spine and her face turned a bright red. "Well, I need to get in a nap before this class is over. I look forward to getting to know you better."

"Yeah. Sure. Umm.... sleep well." Talie managed to say. Loony lay her head down on her desk and, after about 30 seconds or so, began snoring. The snores sounded exactly like growls. Talie could not stop staring at Loony. He had never met anyone as jaw-droppingly gorgeous like her. Nobody in Florida was anything like the goddess snoring in the desk next to her. Something awakened inside of her, something... powerful. A need, maybe. Talie felt a deep need to be near Loony and to do anything Loony wanted. However, in the hopes of not being a creeper on her first day, Talie suppressed that desire. She would wait until she knew Loony a little better, there was more of a relationship, and then see if it would work out, and if not, no worries, right? Right. Talie could be just be friends with Loony. It wasn't the friendzone if Talie liked the zone, right? Right. Talie kept going over this mental gymnastics when the bell rang. Loony awoke from her nap and winked at Talie.

"See you at lunch, Tail." said Loony. "Do you mind if I call you Tail?"

"No. No, call me whatever you want." replied Talie as she was grabbing her backpack.

"Good. You're my Tail. See you." Loony left the room. Talie found Andi and they made their way to the next class of the day.

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