Sunday, May 24, 2015

What is Love? A Free Form Rambling

A good friend of mine posted the question "What is Love?" on her Facebook page. This was my response.

To put it simply, love is on a spectrum. 

There are times when you are so fully in love that it affects your being, and there are times love is absent, or not a priority. 

But overall, love is doing what you need to do, even if you don't want to. 

Love is buying food for your partner(s) when their bank account is low, even if it annoys you.

Love is rubbing your partner's back after they've had a hard day at work. 

Love is letting your partner rant and gush about things you don't understand, but you love seeing the joy from them. 

Love is watching bad sci-fi films together.

Love is bitching at each other to do the dishes that neither of you want to do. 

Love is open, honest communication. 

Love is admitting that at times you're not feeling love. 

Love is compromising on pizza toppings. 

Love is getting off a bunch of train stops early so you can meet up and train the rest of the way home together.

Love is getting annoyed with each other all the time. 

Love is knowing when your partner needs space... 
Or sleep. 

Love is giving up your scarf so your partner's ears don't freeze off on the way to the doctor's office. 

Love is flicking through Netflix trying to find things to watch. 

Love is being confused by some of your partner's likes and behaviors. 

Love is all encompassing and not enough.  It's not always the lighter, brighter ball of joy that makes days worth living, it's another element to life that brings both pros and cons. 

But personally, for me, the pros outweigh the cons. 

 I'd argue most "love" songs and poems are actually "lust" or "infatuation" songs and poems. Love is a bit more complicated and cannot be adequately described by aesthetically pleasing words alone.

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