Monday, December 14, 2015

This Is The Time of my Life That People Write Memoirs About

I come home from work
Stuffing my face with McDonald's fries
They aren't vegetarian, but I don't care
Work was hard
Children with salaries yelled at me
On the phone
It's hard to like the holidays
When everyone is angry all the time

My boyfriend pulls up funny Youtube videos
Of video game glitches and theories
He explains the complexities of D&D 5th edition
I feel his hugs
And I love his company
But I feel drained
I take my Lexapro
And go to sleep

It's only temporary
We'll be off the phones by next week
They have said every week since Thanksgiving
I know we will be
Late January is when things calm down
I'm applying to other jobs
I just have to get through
I just have to get through
I just have to get through

I am 23
I'm two years out of college
My Musical Theatre degree means nothing
To the world at large
I feel like I'm stuck
But I'm young
I'm 23

I am 23
I have a long future ahead of me
Even if life is short
On average, people stay at their jobs
Five years at the most
Before they look for something else
I'm 23

Everyone I've talked to
Has sympathized
Their early 20's were the worst
And it got better in the later parts of their life
This is the time of my life that people write memoirs about
The time when they make their first connections
The time when the seeds of legacy are sewn
The time when life gives you a shit mountain
To overcome and incinerate
They just had to get through

I am lucky for my financial stability
And that I live with my boyfriend in Chicago
My friends are amazing
My family is amazing
I have found my community
My therapist is great
And this job will not be forever
It's just 40 hours a week
5 days a week
8 hours on those days
I will get through
And I will become something
More than I am now

The seeds are being sewn
I just have to get through

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