Sunday, July 5, 2015

KLog: "I'm Cookie Dough"

It's been awhile since I've had a just plain life update post, so here it is.

So I recently went to the psychiatrist and I was diagnosed with "generalized anxiety", which confirms a suspicion I've had about myself for some time: I tend to get way more nervous and freaked out about things than "normal people" do. She prescribed me some Lexapro and I've been taking that the past few weeks. I'm still nervous, but I don't feel on the brink of tears all the time and it's not paralyzing me, which is nice.

I've also been dealing with some stress vomiting, and I went to the local urgent care and am now taking medication for that, so I'm just drowsy and dizzy all the time, but hey, if it'll help me be a functioning adult, then I'll take it. I just have to not call in sick to work anymore because it'll cause some serious problems for me down the line if I do.

But now, on to the good stuff!

I spent some of my birthday money on a Sadness plush from the Disney Store, so now I have the embodiment of the feelings I feel to snuggle when I'm having a really bad day.

I also had three days off from work AND on Tuesday I get to fly out and meet up with my family by Lake Edward in northern MN for some nice rest and relaxation. I got the days confirmed off from work, so there won't be any strikes against me. :)

I've been a bit of a mess recently and my posts haven't been the cheeriest, but while I'm still kinda broken and slowly repairing myself, I had this realization: I'm 23 years old, I've been out of college one year, and I'm living in an apartment with my boyfriend of almost 3 years with a job that pays me enough and I have a really strong social network in Chicago. It's not perfect, but I'm doing pretty okay, if you look at it objectively. I hope to get involved with many more things around the city and I'll be performing at the Nerdologues: Your Stories on July 19th. I'm very excited for that.

So yeah, life is moving forward. I'm fumbling and figuring it out. That's what I can do.

Someday, I will be cookies. But, I'm pretty tasty dough as it is. :)

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