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Changed for Good: a Creamsicle Fanfic ***Graphic Sexual Scene, Reader Discretion is Advised***

Those of you who have been on Tumblr for awhile may or may not remember this picture floating around on peoples' blogs:

 This picture inspired tons of uproar, parodies, and a ton of fanfiction. Like, so much fanfiction. Overnight, there were at least three blogs dedicated to shipping these two. Tumblr named them "Sunny" and "Snowflake" and the ship was called "Creamsicle."  The appealing part of this fanfic for me was that there wasn't really an established canon: these were what your characters looked like and a brief description of their personalities, that was it. I didn't have to worry about doing something that would've been out-of-character. This was also written at a time when I had gotten out of a really awful relationship and was discovering my own bisexuality (so, right around my junior year of college). It's also very clear that I had no idea how lesbian sex worked (still don't, actually) and that features in the work as well. So, please, enjoy this time capsule and read about the tales of Tiffany Jane and Mary, typos and all.

“Well, this is awkward.” Mary thought. “It’s been an hour and all I’ve done is sit here, pretend to sip this stupid beer, and stare at all the people at this party from afar. I didn’t even want to show up tonight. Why did I let my roommate convince me this was a good idea?”

Although, Mary had always been socially awkward, even though she had brains far superior to those in her high school classes. Now she was a college freshman, and even though she was still at the top end of the grading scale, her insecurities had started to get the better of her. She wasn’t the best of the best anymore. Maybe staying up every night on Tumblr had something to do with it, not that her habit of doing so was going to slow down. Not to mention, with her long, brown hair that covered her face, her pale skin that consistently turned pink due to shyness, her sparkling brown eyes that no one saw, her pretty A-cup sized breasts and small, but cute gut that her large, lavender sweatshirt covered, and her beautiful long legs that were draped in unflattering blue denim jeans that ended in a pair of old tennis shoes, it was clear that she was beautiful, but she wouldn’t let anyone else see it; because she didn’t see it either. 

The room smelled of alcohol, vomit, depression, and desperation. Ignoring the awful stench and her own awkward feelings, Mary continued to people watch and noticed all the girls and guys dancing around her. All the girls were dressed in scantily clad clothes and had way too much make-up on. The boys were dressed up in over-sized clothes with sideways baseball caps and oversized jewelry that glittered in the dimly lit room. All of them had clearly had a little too much drink and any idea of personal space had been wiped away by the excessive consumption of the shitty alcoholic beverage. You could barely even hear the mainstream hip-hop songs that the stereo was blasting, but Mary was pretty sure that they were the same songs she had heard over 60 times that night. Body parts were overlapping, moving, and rubbing against one another. Moans, laughter, and words that just barely belonged to the English language echoed all around the room. Occasionally, a couple of people would run off, either to go vomit, have sex, or a combination of the two. After seeing her roommate stumble off with another guy, both of them undressed to just before the point of being arrested for public indecency, Mary had decided to return to the realm of safety, OTPs, reblogs, and followers who were just as awkward as she was. It was time to return to Tumblr, her pixelated domain.

As she got up to leave, she heard her name being called. She turned around and saw a girl standing before her. The girl was named Tiffany Jane. Mary and she had worked on a class project together, and while Tiffany Jane was a nice person; she focused more on cute celebrities and other pointless, materialistic bullshit and left Mary to do all the work. She was dressed even more scantily clad than the other girls, having one black band covering her nipples on her DD-cup breasts. Her light blue denim skirt didn’t even cover her purple polka dotted thong. Her height was altered by her sparkly high heels that somehow helped the girl defy gravity without causing extreme hell. Her badly dyed blonde hair fell perfectly flat against her face, which was one step away from being covered in clown make-up. Mary stared into her green eyes and felt like they were piercing down into her soul. Tiffany Jane’s skin was tinted orange from all the times she had gone tanning. In her mind, Mary had imagined that if Snooki and an Oompa Loompa had a daughter, she’d be Tiffany Jane. Despite all that, Tiffany Jane had the perfect body by societal standards, even Mary admitted that she was quite beautiful, and Tiffany Jane knew how to connect with people. Still, even though Tiffany Jane was never mean to her, Mary still didn’t feel right around her. 

“Mary, I had no idea you were here, hon. Don’t leave yet, c’mon, follow me and I’ll get another drink for ya.” said the girl. Mary looked down at her almost full drink, confused.

“But this one is still full.” Mary replied, starting to blush.

“You don’t want to drink that stuff, babe. It won’t even get you buzzed. My friend Trent got his hands on some REAL alcohol. I won’t make you drink it if you don’t want to, but at least have a sip, hon. C’mon, it’s back at my dorm. I think you’ll like it better than that stuff you’ve been pretending to drink all night. Remember Mary, YOLO.” Tiffany Jane retorted.

“Ummm… okay. Sure. I’ll try it.” Mary said hesitantly.

“Excellent. Come with me.” Tiffany Jane said as she took Mary’s hand and led her out of the party. Mary, holding on to the sophomore’s hand for dear life, followed Tiffany Jane through a maze of hallways and doors. After what seemed like an endless maze of mysterious passageways that surprisingly led somewhere, they arrived in front of Tiffany Jane’s dorm. After twisting the key, the door unlocked, and Tiffany Jane pulled Mary inside. After Mary had regained her balance, Tiffany Jane closed the door, took off her high heel shoes, and pulled the lame excuse for an alcoholic beverage out of Mary’s hand. As Tiffany Jane threw away Mary’s drink and went over to her bed, Mary began to break through her shyness wall.

“You have your own room?” Mary asked, still blushing and removing her tennis shoes.

“Yeah. That’s a perk to being a sophomore and coming from a family with extra cash. You see…” Tiffany Jane started as she pulled the cans of beer out from under her bed. “Your freshman year, they intentionally pair you with a roommate you don’t get along with so you’ll learn to tolerate other peoples’ differences and solve problems like adults or some other bullshit ideal. However, after your freshman year, to make up for the hell, you can pick your next roommate or, for extra cash, get your own room.” 

Mary thought about it, and thought it was the perfect explanation for why she ended up with the roommate she got.  Tiffany Jane pulled apart one of the beers. 

“Here, sit next to me on the bed. I got a beer all ready for ya.” Tiffany Jane said calmly.

“Thanks.” Mary replied as she sat down on the bed. She took the beer Tiffany Jane handed to her and Tiffany Jane then grabbed her own beer. 

“Cheers.” said Tiffany Jane. They put their drinks together and each began to sip. Tiffany Jane began to chug her drink like her life depended on. Mary, who had never really been a fan of alcoholic beverages, took one sip and then placed it down on the small table next to Tiffany Jane’s bed. 

“Problem with the drink, hon?” asked Tiffany Jane after catching her breath.

“No. It’s much better than the other drink, you were right, but I’ve never really liked beer.” Mary said, blushing even harder this time.

“That’s fine, babe. Do you mind if I turn on a little music?” asked Tiffany Jane.

“No, go right ahead. It’s your dorm, you do as you like.” said Mary.

“Oh really?” Tiffany Jane flashed a smile at Mary, looking all up and down her body. Mary got incredibly insecure and her whole body turned pink as she tried to cover her body with her arms. Tiffany Jane giggled a little bit and went over to her iPod stereo. “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias began playing as Tiffany Jane came back to the bed.

“I know this song is pretty cheesy, even by pop standards, but it’s the first song I’ve ever slow danced to, so it means a lot to me. Besides, Enrique Iglesias has the voice of a thousand angels and he’s pretty damn attractive.” Tiffany Jane stated. “What was your first slow dance song?”

“I’ve…. I’ve never slow danced with anyone…” Mary said incredibly quietly.

“Really?! Well, c’mon, get up on your feet and I’ll fix that.” Tiffany Jane screamed. She pulled Mary from the bed and showed Mary where to put her hands. Mary began to blush again. “Don’t worry Mary, I’ll be the Galinda to your Elphaba, I’ll show you how to do this.”

“Wait… how did you know I was a fan of Wicked?” asked Mary.

“Oh, I follow your Tumblr. Not to mention I’m a bit of a musical theatre fan myself.” said Tiffany Jane.

“You follow my Tumblr page?” asked Mary, completely shocked.

“Yes, geekysnowflakeonthewindowsill. Surely you’ve seen my Tumblr pop up on your page, sunnymermaidwithsunglasses.” replied Tiffany Jane.

“You’re the one who likes all of my posts, but never reblogs them.” said Mary, putting two and two together in her brain.

“Mhmm, that’s right Snowflake… you don’t mind if I call you that, do you?” asked Tiffany Jane, sweetly, pulling Mary in closer.

“No… it’s fine…” Mary replied, getting very insecure and feeling strange feelings that she had only felt for certain British Sci-Fi stars. The slow dancing started and Mary felt Tiffany Jane’s breath on her neck as Tiffany Jane whispered in her ear.

“I also know that you are a big Potterhead, you have a huge crush on Captain Jack Harkness, Joss Whedon has broken your heart, but you still love his work, you would give anything to live in Equestria, and that you ship Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Actually, I think you referred to them as your OTP, correct?” asked Tiffany Jane.

“Yes… yes… that’s all true.” Mary replied.

“You’ve also been hurt, haven’t you, Snowflake?” asked Tiffany Jane sincerely.

“What do… what do you mean?” Mary asked, still blushing. “Hero” had ended on Tiffany Jane’s iPod and “So Close” from Enchanted had started playing.

“You certainly aren’t a virgin. I can tell from the advice you give Anons in relation to romance and sex. Some things can only be understood by experience. However, from those same posts and from your shy and distrust in people, I can also theorize someone you liked, maybe even loved, has hurt you. Who was it?” asked Tiffany Jane.

Mary was a little shocked that Tiffany Jane had not only paid that much attention to her Tumblr page, but also understood so much about her just from reading into those Tumblr posts. Mary didn’t think anyone really read into her posts, let alone cared. Mary, for the first time in a while, felt like she had an actual person to go to, to talk to, not just her Tumblr page to rant on. She felt like she could trust Tiffany Jane.

“He was a good friend of mine before we started dating. We had similar interests and he was smart, funny, and kind in the beginning. A little off beat and he said some things that didn’t make any sense for any human to say, but I thought I would grow to understand it and accept it as our relationship went on. He exposed me to many things in geek culture and took me further than I had ever gone sexually. I’m partially who I am today because of him. I maybe even loved him. …I did love him. He was my first love and I loved him so very, very much. But he grew tired of me. Everything I did was wrong and there was no way I could make him happy. I started to doubt myself in every way possible and I became dependent on him to the point where his opinion was law. If he didn’t agree with it, then I was the one who was incorrect. I felt like a failure compared to him, in every way possible. Nothing I did pleased him anymore, not even sex. I was a thing to be tolerated as opposed to someone who needed love. Eventually, he broke it off by insulting me in every way possible, and he went on to go chase another, prettier girl. I haven’t been able to find anyone since. But who am I kidding? No guy could ever like me. I’m flawed and stupid and ugly and wrong and not even worth anyone’s time!” screamed Mary as tears started to form.

Tiffany Jane pulled her in close and felt Mary’s tears land on her shoulder. “So Close” ended on Tiffany Jane’s iPod and “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars began to play. Tiffany Jane lifted Mary’s chin and stared right into her eyes.

“Mary… that guy was a douchebag who didn’t deserve you. You’re a beautiful, smart, sweet girl and there may not be such a thing as perfection, but I’d say you are pretty damn close.” said Tiffany Jane.
“Really?” asked Mary, the tears falling less frequently now.

“Absolutely, Snowflake, you are the prettiest snowflake on the whole damn windowsill.” Tiffany Jane replied.
And before Mary could say anything more, Tiffany Jane pulled her in and kissed her on the lips. Tiffany Jane, realizing what she had just done the moment their lips had touched, had expected and feared that Mary would push her off and run out of the room. To Tiffany Jane’s surprise, not only had Mary kept kissing her, but Mary began moving her arms up and down Tiffany Jane’s back and running her fingers through Tiffany Jane’s hair. Their lips eventually separated and they both were breathing heavily.

“Holy fuck! That felt… that felt GREAT!” said Mary, in complete shock. “I… what… wow… I can’t… Oh man, I can’t even words right now. I just kissed a girl.”

“Did you like it?” asked Tiffany Jane in a bit of a joking manner. Mary giggled a little bit at the response and she nodded.

“Well, let’s get you out of that sweater. I want to see those beautiful boobs of yours.” said Tiffany Jane. 

“I hope you don’t think they’re too small.” said Mary as she was removing her sweater and her “Sunnydale High” t-shirt. What was left was a basic black push-up bra covering Mary’s small tits. After pulling her over to the bed, Tiffany Jane began kissing Mary as she unclipped the bra and then moved her hands to Mary’s breasts.

“They aren’t too small, Snowflake. They’re the perfect size. Look, this one fits perfectly in my hand.” said Tiffany Jane as she began massaging and playing with Mary’s breasts. Mary let out a small little moan as she began to remove Tiffany Jane’s top. As soon as the black strap was removed, Tiffany Jane’s breasts bounced a bit and landed perfectly against her chest. They were big, glorious, and the most beautiful set of breasts Mary had ever seen.

“Wow… your tits are so… wow…” Mary said in a slightly moaned tone.

“Feel free to play with them, Snowflake.” Tiffany Jane smiled. “Just The Way You Are” ended on Tiffany Jane’s iPod and “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry began playing. 

Mary began squeezing Tiffany Jane’s breasts, massaging and playing with them, even playfully tugging on her nipples. Tiffany Jane let out a moan as Mary went in and began kissing and licking Tiffany Jane’s breasts. Moving her tongue around every which way, trying to find the one spot on them that would make Tiffany Jane feel at her best. Mary had never been with a girl before, so she was improvising a little bit and making her best guesses as to what might be the most pleasurable for Tiffany Jane. Mary began sucking and lightly nibbling on Tiffany Jane’s nipples. Tiffany Jane screamed in ecstasy and Mary was thrilled that she had discovered one of the ways to please Tiffany Jane. After a good few minutes, Tiffany Jane moved her hands to Mary’s face and after bringing Mary back to eye level with her, planted a nice, warm kiss on Mary’s lips. Mary lay back on the bed and pulled Tiffany Jane on top of her.

“Let’s get you out of these pants, Snowflake.” said Tiffany Jane.

“Let’s get you out of yours too, Sunny… may I call you Sunny?” asked Mary.

“Sure, but why?” asked Tiffany Jane.

“Because being with you tonight has made my life a little brighter and you make me feel all warm and safe.” replied Mary. Tiffany Jane smiled.

“That’s all good and well, but I’m determined to get you HOT!” screamed Tiffany Jane. And with that, Tiffany Jane managed to get Mary’s jeans and panties off as Mary struggled to get Tiffany Jane’s denim skirt and thong off. Once Mary’s bottoms were off, Tiffany Jane helped Mary get her own clothes off.

“You’re so cute, Snowflake.” said Tiffany Jane as she slipped her finger inside Mary’s pussy. “Oh, you’re already so very wet. You like being my Snowflake, don’t you?”

“Uh-huh. I do, Sunny.” moaned Mary.

“You know, when we were working on that school project together, I developed quite a crush on you. You would cover yourself in unflattering clothes, but I could still see the beauty you were trying to hide from the world. You could never hide your beauty from me. Not to mention, you are so smart, you did that whole project. I’ve always wanted to thank you for doing my part of it as well. And now here we are, you lying naked on my bed as I finger you. Just watching you squirm and shiver in ecstasy makes me even hotter for you.” Tiffany Jane moaned. 

She then went down and began to suck on Mary’s nipples. Mary let out a huge moan as Tiffany Jane sucked harder and stuck another finger inside Mary’s pussy. Mary’s hips began to buckle and move as Tiffany Jane’s fingers worked their way around her clit and on the G-spot. “Teenage Dream” stopped playing on Tiffany Jane’s iPod and “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga began to play.

“You know what? How about you try eating me out, Snowflake?” Tiffany Jane asked.

“But… I’ve never done that before… what if I do a bad job?” asked Mary, terrified.

“If you do a bad job, we can switch places, but you’ll never learn unless you try. C’mon, you figured out how to suck on my tits, surely you can figure out how to eat me out. I’ll let you know how you’re doing. Okay, Snowflake?” Tiffany Jane said while smiling.

“Okay, Sunny.” replied Mary.

Tiffany Jane and Mary switched places, now Tiffany Jane was lying on the bed and Mary was on top. Mary, thinking through every lesbian fanfiction she had ever come across, brought her lips down to Tiffany Jane’s pussy and started just lightly kissing it and the surrounding areas. Tiffany Jane gave a small moan. Okay, so far, so good, thought Mary. Mary opened her mouth and began to lick Tiffany Jane’s clit a little bit, going in a bunch of different directions and trying to find the one that would drive Tiffany Jane insane. Screaming in ecstasy, Tiffany Jane pushed Mary’s face further down into her pussy, and Mary’s tongue went to town. Tiffany Jane moaned and Mary licked furiously. This continued on for a good few minutes until Tiffany screamed the loudest she had screamed all night. Terrified she had done something wrong; Mary had started to prepare a thousand ways to apologize in her mind. 

“That was fucking amazing, Snowflake. I’ve never cum that hard before.” Tiffany Jane said between heavy breaths. Mary sighed in relief. “Paparazzi” stopped playing on Tiffany Jane’s iPod and “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge began to play.

“Come up and cuddle with me, Snowflake.” said Tiffany Jane.

“Yes Sunny. Be right there.” replied Mary, ecstatic.

Mary cuddled right up next to Tiffany Jane. Her head lay next to Tiffany Jane’s heart as Tiffany Jane’s arm came around Mary.

“You’re so warm, Sunny.” said Mary, smiling.

“That’s because of you, Snowflake. Having you with me makes me feel warm and fuzzy.” replied Tiffany Jane. Mary kissed Tiffany Jane on the cheek. 

“Ummm… Sunny. I realize this is very sudden and probably doesn’t make any sense to be asking right now since we just barely know each other, but I was wondering… do you… do you want to be my girlfriend?” asked Mary. “It’s okay if not… I understand if you don’t want to date me…”

“Of course I’ll be your girlfriend, Snowflake. I told you, I’m the Galinda to your Elphaba. I’ll help you feel more confident in yourself and I’ll remind you of your beauty every day.” said Tiffany Jane.

“Thanks Sunny. Y’know, you’re really pretty too. But… why do you wear so much make-up and scantily clad clothes?”

“It’s what makes me feel beautiful, Snowflake. I mean… yes, maybe I overdo it and I send the wrong messages, but whatever. I don’t give a shit what other people think. I dress for me and I do things for me. I dress the way I do because it makes me feel beautiful.” replied Tiffany Jane.

“But… you could look beautiful naturally. You don’t need to go tanning or put on loads of make-up or dye and flatten your hair. You could look pretty as you are.” replied Mary.

“Well, I guess we both have to learn how to be comfortable in our own skin and how to be pretty for the both of us. I guess we’ll just have to teach each other.” said Tiffany Jane.

“And then come to a happy medium that works well for the both of us. They don’t have to be the same mediums. I don’t want you hiding your body because you feel ashamed of it.” said Mary.

“And I don’t want you trying to change yourself in order to fit a certain standard of what beauty could be. I guess we both have confidence issues to work on, Snowflake.” said Tiffany Jane. Mary cuddles up closer and kisses Tiffany Jane.

“But we can work on them together, Sunny.” replied Mary. Tiffany Jane smiled and wished Mary a good night’s rest as they fell asleep in each other’s arms. As Mary dosed on off to sleep, the lyrics to “For Good” from Wicked echoed in her mind. “Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better, but because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”

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